How Does Malling Affect the Filipino Culture

Eve asked them what they usually do when going to different malls. The common answer that Eve heard is to hang out with their friends or sometimes with their family. They seldom buy unimportant things but Just to window shopping and there they already enjoy it.
Other’s eat at the KEF because they said that it’s more affordable and at the same time the quality is good. Other’s buy the things they need for their studies. They have common answers and there I figured out something that affects the Filipinos culture. Way back old days, mall is not yet well known buy a lot of people. Only those who are in the upper class are able to go and shop. But as the years pass by, malls are now available for all the class type of Filipinos. Upper, middle or lower class, they are now able to afford and go to malls.
As now, children with the age of 12 and upper are owe going out and have fun In the mall. Filipino families in the old times hangout, going to park or different beautiful views of nature, but now, a lot of families hangout, going to malls, watching movies or shopping. Now, malls are already part of lots of families. They use malls to bond their relationships with their loved ones. Experiencing the Joy Inside the mall Is a great thing, they offer something that everyone will love that Is why Filipinos come back and enjoy walking and sighting things Inside It.

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How Does Malling Affect the Filipino Culture
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