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Identify and discuss pros and cons of the webrezpro service compared to a traditional PMS. Please follow the Discussion Rubric to receive credit for posts.
1st Student Post
WebRezPro is a browser-based property management system created by World Web Technologies Inc. specifically developed for the hospitality and tourism industry. The company offers a cloud-based business platform for businesses. Many companies like The Cadillac Motel and Earthbox Motel & SPA already use the platform to operate their business. WebRezPro offers severs for hotels, motels, rentals, hostels, campgrounds, and activity reservations. They promise accessibility and flexibility, all while decreasing overhead expenses and technical frustrations. WebRezPro runs via Internet so there is no need to install large, blocky computers to run a property management program. It is also much more affordable, has automatic data backup, and mobile access. The features are endless with WebRezPro. I believe it is a great alternate and investment. You can also add other systems like POS, GDS, PBX, marketing features, accounts, and entertainment systems. On the other hand, like any technological advancements there are set backs. Like I have mentioned in previous discussions. There is the possibility of getting hacked or having the system crash. Also, that the business will need a very strong internet connection to run the system. That can get pricey as well.
2nd Student Post
WebRezPro is a cloud based hotel property management system that can be used by hotels or the hospitality industry overall. WebRezPro solely runs via internet only, it has mobile capability, it can make reservations via web, serve as a POS, also generate revenue management information. Reservation data is automatically stored in a secure computer facility in which provides 24 hours monitoring and powered electrical backup that will protect the hotels data from theft, hijackers, computer viruses, and malware. Most importantly, the property management system is affordable so do say, it only costs $5 per month, per room and the larger the property is, then the bigger the discounts are given.
Unfortunately, just like any system there is always cons that go unnoticed. It only relies on internet access, also knows as WiFi, and does not have any servers as back up in the event there is a power outage or if the internet is down. Besides not having a back up server, it will require an extremely strong internet connection, definitely multiple WiFi modems will be needed throughout the hotel so that it can allow the system to run smoothly yet quick but also not have any interference with the guests internet connection.

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Homework Help on Computer Science Project
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