For this scholarly activity, you are going to create a chart with the following columns: 1. Males, 2. Females, 3. Common Traits, and 4. Differences. Your job is to list the common aspects of the male or female prison subculture in the respective column. In each column, you will list the differences of the subculture and then bold or highlight the similarities in the same column. Next, in the similarities and differences column, you will explain why they are the same or why they are different. Fully explain yourself; give details. Do not be afraid of using statistics or examples. You must use your textbook and at least two academic sources. You must cite sources in APA style using in-text citations. Creativity is encouraged! Your chart does not have to be just black and white. Following your chart, you will include a 2 page paper, explaining your chart more fully and go into more detail regarding the differences in these subcultures, as well as an explanation of male and female inmates. Using your sources, and the text, explain what makes these cultures so different. APA Headings with the four areas of the chart must be included. The reference and title page do not count towards the two-page requirement, nor does the chart.

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