History Book Analysis

Your essay should be a minimum of one page, single-spaced, in 10 pt. Times Roman font. Remember that an essay has an introduction, a conclusion, and a body of work in between. Your essay is worth 100 points.

Topic: The concept of morality greatly affected Harriet Jacobs throughout the reading and colored her relationship with others. Explain this statement.

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History Book Analysis
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Link to book:  http://www.gutenberg.org/files/11030/11030-h/11030-h.htm 


Give opinions, but keep your biases out of your paper.
Do NOT tell me what happened in the book. I know what happens. You won’t spoil it for me. Your essay is supposed to be an analysis of the book.
Keep quotes to a minimum and do NOT use block quotes. Excessive quotes are merely an indicator that you have nothing to say.
What you should think about is your reaction to the book and your opinion of the book. Your opinion should be more in depth than “I thought it was good/bad/interesting/boring…etc.
Think about your reaction to the subject matter and the theme of the book. Do you agree or disagree? Be prepared to explain your reasoning.
What is your opinion of the author and the author’s writing style? Again, be prepared to defend your position.
Were you convinced by the author’s position/argument? Once again, you need to be able to argue your point of view.

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