history assignment

Submit potential research paper topics.  The topic must be an American history topic from the period covered in the course.   
If your topic is approved you will be notified, if not I will respond with reason for rejection and recommendations about how to approach your subject matter in an acceptable way until approval.

In selecting a topic for the Research Paper be follow these guidelines.  Firstly, the topic must be specific not general.  For example, you could not write a paper about the entirety of World War II, but you could write about Operation Overlord, the use of nuclear weapons on Japan, Rommel’s campaign in North Africa etc.  Additionally while you couldn’t write a general biography of a figure, Hitler for instance, you could look at his rise to power, his time in prison, his downfall, etc.
Secondly, you should have an idea how you wish to approach this be it an informative (recounting events to show connection), comparative (contrasting people, events etc. to show similarities and differences of importance), or argumentative (justifying a particular view with a series of well documented evidences).  The way in which you approach this is your thesis (the overall idea you are attempting to communicate).  Your thesis should always be made clear in the beginning of the paper, justified in the body, and stated again in the conclusion

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history assignment
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