Higher Education Project prt 2

***Problem to Discuss: Why good instructional design is important****
In order to gain insight into what others have learned about your topic (see topic paper), this week you will begin your search for resources in the Walden Library and create an annotated list of resources.
For this assignment, you will need to use full-text articles or have access through other sites to obtain the complete articles. It is not appropriate to use abstracts for this assignment or for your literature review.
Submit the following:
· A revised problem statement and research questions based on feedback received from your Instructor.(see atttached)
· A reference list annotating at least four of the resources that you have found while conducting a search for resources on your topic. 
Each annotated entry should include:
o The APA-formatted citation of the resource
o A one-paragraph summary of the article or resource
o A brief rationale for the selection of each item. Within each rationale, explain how the resource connects to your problem statement and/or research questions, and evaluate its appropriateness, validity, and reliability.
Assignment length 2 pages & reference page
****I will give you access to the below library link to access resources***

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Higher Education Project prt 2
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