Henry Moore Sculptures

Digging deeper into the meaning of Henry Moor’s sculptures Moor’s sculptures are exhibited all around the world. In Moor’s homeland, the sculptures are exhibited in Eke Botanical Gardens, the natural surroundings of the gardens compliment the sculptures. It feels as if the sculptures are different during the different times of the day. In the morning, when the sculptures are wrapped in mist, or during midday when the blue sky and sunshine makes them shine, or in the evening, when the sculptures absorb the red evening sun.
All these different interpretations and perspectives would not be possible to see if the sculptures were in a museum, where no natural light would compliment the sculptures. Moore always manages to draw a connection between the sculptures and the landscape. For example, in the following picture, there is a hole in the sculpture, and when you look through there is an abundance of green, if there was a white wall behind it, the sculpture would not be as impressive. Personally, I love the fact that the sculpture is almost one with nature, it really blends into the surroundings.
The three main themes around Moor’s work were the reclining figure, the mother- child relationship and the embryo-like ‘internal-external’ forms idea. Moore was influenced by constructivism and surrealism, this is pulled through by the biomorphic forms that Moore produced and also suggested how the human figure could be fragmented into simple, essential forms. Many of Moor’s sculptures have holes in them, either in the middle or symmetrically. To me it seems like the shapes come from the hollow space in the

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Henry Moore Sculptures
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