Hello My Name Is Andrea

Don’t drop from six to fire-day delivery; go the other way’ (Source A). Adding new services to the postal service can increase numbers of clients and also money. Some may think the USPS will lose money but answer this question, “who would want poor mail service? ” no one, that is why USPS should ass effort to improve experience for the customers. “It seems counterintuitive to add service when you’re losing money, but people have less that in the system precisely because of spotty service”(Source A).
Including finer service will increase new clients and money. Canceling delivery days on Saturdays is thought to be a good strategy to save money for the USPS. “Eliminating Saturday mail delivery would save $40 billion over a decade” (Source F). This sentence displays that improving mail services with strategic procedures will boost up financially the USPS. Mimi don’t need a full service post office every few blocks in New York, for example. Some centers could be for letters only, others for packages.
That way you cut down on staff size and service required to and from each. ” USPS not hiring people is a good strategy to save money while still delivering mail to its members. Great strategies will help USPS own budget while having satisfying the customers. Instead of cutting back service and losing money, USPS updating new guidelines will increase mail services. Eliminating mail on certain days will save money and at the same time deliver great service to the customer.

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Hello My Name Is Andrea
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