health Research

Research TOPIC – Obesity. Target group Children 
Health Research Project
Part I: Literature Review 
Your literature review should be 4-6 pages long.
The total amount of points you can earn for this paper is 100 points.
APA Style Requirement: Your paper should be written in APA style. APA style includes a typed paper that is double spaced, on standardized paper (8.5 x 11) with 1” margins on all sides and written in 12 point Times New Roman Font. Details about citing various sources will be given in detail separately. 
Reference: (
Note: Do not write in first person. 
Introduction: (30 Points) 
The introduction of your paper should introduce the health topic that you have researched. Your introduction should include the following:

A      thorough general overview about your and your chosen health topic and      target group.  
Make      sure that your introduction includes a thesis statement.

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health Research
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Example Thesis Statement: Smoking cigarettes has been one of the greatest risk factors in developing lung cancer. 
Thesis Statement Guidelines:
Body of Paper: (50 Points)
The body of your paper should include the following:

Detailed      information about your chosen health topic. 
Target Group: What group of people is      this health issue affecting (ex: African Americans, Asians, Caucasians,      Elderly, Children, Teenagers or College Students)? 
Statistics/Prevalence      – (Evidence of the impact of the issue): Include supporting facts and      details about the health topic (include at least one statistic about your      health topic).
Best      Practices: What is being done to address this health issue? Discuss at      least one program, organization or initiative that addresses your health      issue and target group. 

Conclusion: (20 Points) 
The conclusion of your paper should include the following:

Summarize      your findings. 
Do you      have any suggestions about how to address this issue? Is there a need for      more programs or initiatives to address this issue? 

You are required to have at least five peer reviewed articles as references. Retrieve five peer reviewed health articles about your chosen health topic and target group from the PGCC library research database. You are not limited to only five references. You can also include books and other scholarly references that will help you write your paper.

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