Group Behavior in Organizations

Decision Making and Problem Solving
Chapter 5 – Problem Solving and Chapter 6 – Decision Making (See Attached)
Decision Making and Problem Solving. History is replete with examples of decision making that inadequately addressed problem-solving.  Truth be told, most people (if not all) have such examples in personal life too. Develop an 800 to 1,000-word paper that addresses the following:
a. Describe a historic example (either social or personal) of a problem that required group resolution.
b. Using the steps in your text, describe the steps involved in the problem-solving process for the example.
c. Explain how the decision was made to solve the problem and how, in hind sight, that decision could have resulted in better outcomes for all stakeholders.
d. Remember to cite sources including the course text and at least four other scholarly resources. The paper is to follow APA guidelines as outlined in the APA Style Standards. 
Coget, J. and Losh, S. (2018). Group behavior in organizations (2nd ed.). [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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Group Behavior in Organizations
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