Green Power

Cleaner electricity generation is on its way for full implementation as many of power consumers are now aware how could avail of it. In the official blog site of the US Environmental Protection Agency, many of its visitors had said in their comments that they had already installed or purchased from a private electric company a way how could they use green power.
Some had also leaved a link to the sites of their energy provider that gives them an option for cleaner energy generation. But others still had said that they could not choose to opt to green power because of area and cost constraints.
People who had said that they had installed solar panels and/or avail power generated through wind or geothermal admits that they pay more for their electricity consumption as compared when they were not using it. Since conversion into cleaner energy consumption would cost more to the people, they might rather ignore their wish to take part with a cleaner environment. Some even says that going into cleaner energy generation is just propaganda of electric companies that would mean more profit on their part.

Some still had said that they had no choice whether to use green power or not because it’s their individual power provider could only decide. As I had completed browsing all of the comments, I suggest that yes there is a need for a greener electricity generation but the problem is that people where afraid of their initial additional cost. Yes, it cost more than the regular energy we consume from burnt coal but like what one comment had said, people are not aware of the hidden cost the people might suffer if we continue using it because experts says that burning coal adds up to the air pollution.
As we enter into the era of information age, ideas are now easy to disseminate through all of the high tech devices and technology the modern day gives such as the computers and the internet. But we should be careful of what would we should acquire of these ideas since some of them cannot be fully relied on. Support of experts in such field such as EPA could give as a somewhat assurance that what we learn is what we should. References Greenversation, Question of the Week: Why are you or aren’t you buying green power? Retrieved May31, 2008 from http://blog. epa. gov/blog/2008/05/27/qotwgreenpower/

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