Grammar Practice Test

|?? | | I. Identify the clause elements in the following sentences (20 points, 2 point for each blank). 1. Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets to look at through a telescope because of the many rings that surround it. A. Complement:_______________________________________________________ B. Adverbial:________________________________________________________ 2. The boy scouts teach their members an “Outdoor Code” before they camp. A. Direct Object:_______________________________________________________ B. Indirect Object:______________________________________________________ 3.
The direction a hurricane’s spiral moves is counterclockwise. A. Subject:____________________________________________________________ B. Complement :_______________________________________________________ 4. These criminals might have been guilty of murder. A. Predicate Verb: _____________________________________________________ B. Complement: ______________________________________________________ 5. Hurricane winds can blow as fast as 180 miles (290 kilometers) an hour. A. Predicate Verb: ____________________________________________________ B.
Adverbial:_______________________________________________________ |?? | | II. Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A,B,C and D (80 points, 2 point for each multiple-choice question). 1. Recently, he has lost all his _____ at cards. A. wages and saving B. wages and saving C. wage and savings D. wages and savings. 2. That magnificent _____ temple was constructed by the Chinese. A. eight-centuries-old B. old-eight-centuries C. eight-century’s-old D. eight-century-old 3. Why is there _______ traffic on the streets in February than in May?

A. fewer B. less C. little D. fewer 4. The students spent ________ their time working in the field. A. both B. most C. more D. half 5. There is a truck ____ the classroom. A. in the front of B. in front of C. in front D. at the front of 6. “What is he? ” “He is _____. ” A. a poet and novelist B. a poet and a novelist C. poet and novelist D. the poet and novelist 7. I am determined to go there ____ instead of taking a bus. A. on the foot B. on foot C. by foot D. on two feet 8. ___ Air and Space Museum has the highest attendance record of all the museums. A. A B. An C. The D. / 9. I don’t take John’s pen because I don’t like ____. A. that pen of his B. that his pen C. his that pen D. that pen of him 10. Our home is finer than ____. A. yours and him B. your’s or his C. you and he D. yours and his 11. We consider ____ logical that not all plants can be put into practice. A. it B. that C. what D. which 12. It is a pity that ____ of her two husband has been capable of understanding her. A. either B. neither C. both D. each 13.
It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music, but it is quite ____ to perform skillfully yourself. A. any other B. another C. other thing D. some other. 14. At least he was there in time to tell his adventures to Jim while Jim did ____ of the work. A. three-fourths B. three-fourth C. threes-fourths D. threes-fourth 15. The wheels of the old wagon are nearly ____ those of a modern car. A. three times the size of B. three times size of C. three times D. threes times the sizes of 16. He ____ on me his own ideas about the novel. A. composed B. proposed C. imposed D. pposed 17. At the present system, state enterprises ____ all profits to the government. A. turn down B. turn up C. turn out D. turn in 18. Very few scientists ____ completely new answers to the world’s problem. A. come up with B. come round C. come out D. come up to 19. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work ____ all their time. A. takes away B. takes over C. takes up D. takes in 20. This article ____ more attention to the problem of cultural interference in foreign language teaching and leaning. A. cares for B. allows for C. applies for D. alls for 21. When a fire ____ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed. A. broke off B. broke down C. broke out D. broke up 22. He got word that a delegation____. A. soon has arrived B. soon arrived C. is soon going to arrive D. would soon arrive 23. It has been about 7 years since they _____. A. got married B. got marry C. get married D. have married 24. He left home in the 1970s and ____ heard of since. A. hadn’t been B. wasn’t C. not has been D. has not been 25. He ____ TV when I dropped in last night. A. as watching B. had watch C. watched D. have been watching 26. If one ____ by vanity, he will be very particular about other’s clothing and appearance. A. overcomes B. will be overcome C. is overcome D. has been overcome 27. By promoting more even income distribution in a developing country, a lower birth rate would ____. A. be achieved B. achieved C achieve D. be achieving 28. It is important that the hotel receptionist ____ that guests are registered correctly. A. has made sure B. must make sure C. made sure D. make sure 29. Had he worked harder, he ____ the exams.
A. must have got through B. would get through C. would have got through D. could get through. 30. I don’t mind ____ the decision as long as it is not too late. A. you to delay B. your delaying making C. your delaying to make D. you delay to make. 31. The Dream of the Red Chamber is said ____ into dozens of languages in the last decade. A. to have been translated B. to translate C. to be translated D. to have translated 32. Silver is the best conductor of electricity, copper ____ it closely. A. followed B. to following C. following D. eing followed 33. All things ____, the planned trip will have to be called off. A. considered B. be considered C. considering D. having considered 34. It was essential that the application forms ____ back before the deadline. A. must be sent B. be sent C. would be sent D. were sent 35. ____ for your laziness, you could have finished the assignment by now. A. Had it not been B. Weren’t it C. It were not D. Had it been not 36. The suggestion that the mayor ____ the prizes was accepted by everyone. A. would present B. present C. ought to present D. presents 37.
I don’t think it advisable that Tome ____ to the job since he has no experience. A. is assigned B. be assigned C. will be assigned D. has been assigned 38. ____ such a good chance, he planned to learn more. A. To be given B. Having been given C. Having given D. Giving 39. I wish I ____ longer this morning, but I had to get up and come to class. A. could have slept B. should have slept C. slept D. have slept 40. It’s already 5 o’clock now. Don’t you think it’s time ____? A. we are going home B. we went home C. we go home D. we can go home. ———————– ?? ???? ?? ????

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