Global Wars &Change in the 20th Century


You cannot use any sources such as wikipedia,, sparknotes etc. You are required to use the course content  and any other approved sources (see below). 
A valid bibliography should be included at the end of your post.
Please provide examples in every paragraph to support your answer.
Avoid block quotes.
Make sure that you edit your work for grammar.

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Global Wars &Change in the 20th Century
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1.  Based on your knowledge in this course so far, what lessons do you think the world should learn from: A.  the two global wars of the twentieth century OR B.  The Great DepressionThere is no right or wrong answer here, but your opinion must  be supported by evidence. You should use dates, specific names of people  and places, and discuss the relevant facts to back up your assessment.Your answer must specify what these lessons are (or if lessons could  not be learned at all) and which groups, persons, or nations these  lessons should be applied to. Remember you must provide specific  examples and analyses with evidence to support your answer. 
  A. What role did foreign intervention play in the communist revolution which took place in Vietnam?        B. Explain the foreign influences which gave rise to the fascist government in Italy.        C. How did the leader(s) of the United States respond to the Cold War?

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