Global Strategy and Management

Select an international business; once you have chosen your business, you will analyze the following: 
1. What is international management? What are international managers and what do they do? What globalization is and how it impacts organizational management. (150 words minimum) 
2. What is culture and how it is transmitted? How different cultures impact international management? (150 words minimum)
3. The importance of understanding the economic, legal, and political environment of foreign markets. How your business will formulate strategies in order to succeed in these new markets; as well as development of market entry strategies into these international markets. (300 words minimum)
4. Explaining what leadership skills are needed; their traits and ethics, leadership behavior and motivation, influencing power, politics, networking, and negotiation traits leaders possess. (300 words minimum)
5. The final section should be on strategy evaluation, which includes strategy review, evaluation, and control (300 words minimum)
The total word count for this paper is 1200 words which is approximately 3.5 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt.  The cover page and the reference page is extra, so your paper should be a total of 7.5 pages minimum. 
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Global Strategy and Management
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