Gender Equality in Beowulf

Woman had political power over the Danes, were used as peace weavers, and were very violent, and strong. The importance of women in Beowulf can be seen through the political power that the women had on the Danes. In the poem, the author introduces two queens, named Wealthiest and High. Both of them developed an important role of being the hostesses. Although, they pleased and served men whenever they needed, Wealthiest and High had enough power to establish a hierarchy in the hall. Having to carry the cups around in order to give it to the king, and his warriors was not a simple task for women.
When Whole-wheat first appeared in the poem, “she graciously saluted the men in hall, then handed the cup]first to Warthogs, their homeland’s guardian, urging him to drink deep and enjoy desiccates he was dear to them” (43), the queen is making it clear that Warthogs is the most powerful king in the hall, by handing him the first feasting cup. High tries to convince Beowulf to take the position as king, because she “had no belief in her son’s ability;to defend their homeland against foreign invaders.
Yet there was no way the weakened nation Could get Beowulf to give in and agree Tot be elevated over Heard s his lord” (161), women had power when it came to politics, because they were aware of what was going on. High began to make important decisions of who will become the next king, and her decisions could change everyone’s lives. Women were highly significant through their role of being peace weavers, because men were able to use them as a form of possession.

The author introduces Hilbert, and Freeware, both women who had to marry a man from a rival group in order for peace to be established between the tribes. Hilbert, and Freeware did not marry because they were in love, but simply or convenience, since the tribes believed this would help them gain amity. Hilbert was the first woman that was introduced as a peace weaver, “a Danish princess married to the Frisian King Finn, loses her son and her brother Hanna in a fight at Fin’s hall” (71), Hilbert was first mentioned in a story that was performed by the kings poet after Grenade’s death.
Then, Freeware was introduced through a story that was told by Beowulf. “Most often after the fall of a prince in any nation the deadly spear rests but a little while, even thought the bride is good” (35), Beowulf is predicting that Freeware will marry in order to create peace, and believes that peace- weavers will soon create hardships and war. Women can behave just as violently, and can be just as strong as any men they have encountered. Grenade’s mother and Motherly are the perfect representation of powerful women in Beowulf.
Grenade’s mother was very fearless, because she “had been forced down into fearful waters, the cold depths, after Cain had shellfish father’s son, felled his ownњbrother with a sword” (89). After the assassination of her son, she decided to seek vengeance, rather than forgetting the incident ever happened. Grenade’s mother died while fighting with Beowulf, because she wanted to gain back her sons honor. Then there was the Great Queen Motherly, the one that was capable of anything. If any retainer ever made blotto look her in the face, if an eye not her lord’s;stared at her directly during daylight,;the outcome was sealed: he was kept abounding hand-tightened shackles” (1 33), many people were afraid of her because she was known for murdering many innocent man who have entered her hall, or even looked her in the eye. Even though they were both physically different, they were very powerful and strong women. In conclusion, women have always been an important part of society even though they are not vastly appreciated.

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