Each question has to be; coherent and cohesive, a minimum of 200 words and you have to cite one sources.  This is a Project Risk Management Course

Chapter 16
· 1. Discuss the integration of risk analysis and cost-estimating procedures in the context of quantitative cost analysis for a project.

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· 2. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of defining distributions in terms of histograms or ‘smooth’ distribution forms.

· 3. Discuss the benefits of using spreadsheets and tools like @Risk for quantitative risk modeling.

· 4. Why are dependence and correlation important in quantitative risk models?

· 5. What will determine the amount of detail included in a model?

· 6. What could it mean if a model’s outputs present a different picture from that expected by the project team?

Chapter 17
· 7. What are the main differences between modelling schedule uncertainty and schedule planning, and what are their implications?

· 8. Discuss three different approaches to building a quantitative schedule risk model, and their advantages and disadvantages.

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