Future Career Success

We all know that students nowadays are studying hard in the school. And many educator and parents are willing to see the students are doing so. They believe that studying hard is more important for success in the future. Although studying hard is very essential for students, the more imperative thing modern children should acquire is the ability to keep a good relationship with others. Relating well and cooperating with others contributes remarkably to students’ success in the future job market.
It is become more and more difficult for a single person to deal with the complex issue. In the past, the jobs were usually very simple, such as sending the mails to the home, repairing the bicycles or other simple machines. But now the task turns to be very complex. When doctor meet a strange disease, he could not know the real reason that cause the illness before talk with other doctors in hospital. The engineering also cannot design the whole building all by himself, and he need a team of engineering to concern all of the aspects when constructing the whole building.
So even though a man have a lot of knowledge keep in their brain, when confront the complicated tasks, relate to others seem to be more important. A good interpersonal relationship will make the person feel happy and have a nice life. It is because that as a modern human being, everybody has tons of work to do in daily life, so they always feel very tired and frustrated after work. At this time a good relationship will help to relieve pressure. Lily got a perfect score after she graduate, and she got a good job in an economic company.

There are a plenty of work for her to finish every day. Since she studied very hard at school and didn’t have any time to play with her classmates, so she has little friends around her. Even though the salary is handsome, she still felt her life is not blissful. But one day she read a book named how to win friends and influence people, she learnt the importance of keeping touch with others and a lot of experience about how to make friends. Then she successfully makes a lot of friends around her and they usually go shopping, go swimming and go hiking together after work or in the weekends.
Now she felt very glad about her life and she performs much better in her jobs. This is just the relationship between friends that bring so much benefit to a person’s success in one’s career. Admittedly, studying hard in school might do student a favor to be successful in the future jobs to some degree. For one thing, studying hard could help students to acquire knowledge from the books, which is important when you need these knowledge’s to solve problems in the job. For another thing, it will make your parents and teachers feel happy.
However, relating well with others not means to study badly. A person keeps good relationship with schoolmates should also have a good performance in their study. I think the parents and teachers would more willing to see the children not only study hard but also have a lot of good friends around them. Although I agree that a good study is very important for students in school, I feel that the good relationship with others will bring more benefits to individuals and will play more important role in the future career.

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Future Career Success
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