From Maus Post Modern Techniques

1) Choose one of the texts above and write a 300-500-word response identifying its use of postmodern elements. From Maus contains elements, which identify a postmodern text. The elements used are the interrogation of the past, pastiche, the use of a non-linear journey, mixing of genres, the use of language and the high and low culture. The fragmented form and the use of anthropomorphism allow the audience to be exposed to a postmodern text.
The use of anthropomorphism shows the direct way in which the author hopes to achieve his message. From Maus the text, which uses the low and high culture to identify the element of postmodernism found in the text. This can be seen by the layout of the text, which is a comic book strip however the author is talking about a serious issue. In addition the author allows the audience to go through several historical events, which are narrated by a father talking to his son about the holocaust.
The text not only talks about the holocaust it also talks about the post and pre-holocaust. It encounters the problems in which the characters deal with loosing family members for example the father. Furthermore the text is an interrogation of the past, which can be associated with postmodern texts. The use of animals also highlights the contrast in the serious story line. The use of language assists in displaying the postmodern elements found in the text.

As the text’s main theme is a historical event you would associate the text with formal and informative language. However, From Maus uses common colloquial language this is evident when the father is talking to his son about the holocaust “Some Jews thought in this way: If they gave to the Germans a few Jews, they could save the rest” The use of language used by the narrator creates the contrast between high and low society.
In addition the use of pastiche and the non-linear form adds to the texts fragmented form. The non-linear form assists in displaying the story line in which is viewed from present day which goes backwards due to the narrators memory. In conclusion from the following elements: pastiche, the high and low culture, mixing of genres and language assist in creating a postmodern text.

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