four discussin questionreplies!!!!

Read and Reply by agreeing or disagreeing and why?


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four discussin questionreplies!!!!
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1. What do you believe the different view points of change are within and organization? 
          I feel that depending on the organization there can be many view points of change within the organization. For instance the company I work for is a hair salon and a change for us is the fact we just lost our manager after 14 years to a new career path, this is a big change for us as well as our customers that went to her for haircuts. When I was in the medical field the change for that organization was all new software so the Drs can put in there own orders, this took a week of training to get us used to the new software. 
2. Who are the changed agents within an organization? 
      The change agents in the organization is broke down to three. There is the change generators they demonstrate the need for the change, change implementer s they actually carry the change out, and the change adopters they practice the change. (American Intercontinental University 2018 M.U.S.E UNIT 1 Organizational change.)
3. What are the pros and cons of change management?
      The pros for change management are they are going through the change as well, so everyone is experiencing the same issues, change managers are there to help you implement the change. 
       The cons of change management is that they are experiencing the same change as the other employees, so if there is an issue that no one knows the answer for, may take everyone different times to accept the change along and if others learn at a different pace or does not handle change well this can be very hard for someone to adapt to. 
4. How do you believe change will affect different levels of employees within the organization.
    Change will affect different levels of employees within the organization, if they have different learning styles along with if they do not handle change well this can affect not only the organization but the employee. If the employee does not catch on to the change it could affect the company by losing out on business along with losing an employee, if they do not adjust to the change. With all the different learning styles can really affect someone with a change, many people stay at an organization because they have been there for so long, and when big changes come they may never get used to the change. 


Organizational change is an inevitability as business grows and/or as time passes. The way a small business conducts day to day operations would not work efficiently at larger organizational levels and the introduction of new technologies and new command will influence the business to change over time. In the telecom industry, there has been a push for home internet options outside of cable that can bundle with wireless.
The agents of change can be either external or internal, pressure from stakeholders or society to push a business to take social responsibility, or regulations on a company product are external factors that would push a company to implement change. Likewise, a top down level of department reorganization as the company grows to better facilitate services is an example of internal change. With the invention of 5G wireless networks, cellular carriers can now offer home internet bundled with one’s cellular plan. And provide internet to those who do not have a cable internet option.
Any type of change comes with benefits as well as setbacks. The need for, or the change itself is seen as the benefit, whether it for financial gain, competitive advantage, or natural evolution of systems and practices. The pain points come as the old is transitioned into the new, this transition can be slow and costly as training will be necessary for employees to adopt the change. In order to facilitate wireless 5G as a home internet option, new departments will have to be created under wireless and accounted for accordingly.
Change typically will have a ripple effect in a company that is performing. System wide changes may have more of a uniform effect on the company, such as the adoption of new systems or technology, whereas the internal restructuring of departments may have minimal effect on upper management, more drastic change can be seen at lower levels. Upon the implementation of 5G internet, whole new metrics will be created around the selling and maintenance of this service, in turn the employee commission structure will change making for the largest impact to entry level employees. But the inclusion of additional services will make these carriers more profitable.      


What do you believe are the top five characteristics of a good leader? 
Strong Communication- As a leader, you have to be able to communicate your vision to your team. You have to be strong and sure about what you are trying to convey to your team. You have to make sure that your team is aligned with your goals and objectives. It also means having weekly meetings with your team or having one on one meetings. 
Passion and Commitment- The enthusiasm and energy that you give off while communicating your vision gets others excited and ready to work towards bringing your vision to life. Also, you have to stay focus on your vision…that’s where the commitment comes in. So, as a leader your have to lead by example and set the expectation. Show your team how you are suppose to get it done. 
Being Positive- If your team is lead by a positive leader that’s upbeat and happy, they will want to work harder and they will be happy themselves. It can be recognition, providing lunch or snacks, having upbeat huddles with the team to get them motivated.
Innovation- You have to be able to adjust and adapt to your surroundings, if an issue changes the original plan or have to be able to come up with another strategy and be able to communicate it to your team quickly. 
Collaboration-it is very important for a leader to have a collaborative approach to their leadership style. Your team want to be able to give their input and they want to know that your as a leader value their opinion. 
What are the top five for a good manager? In my opinion, they are pretty much the same characteristics because the person sets the tone if they are a leader or a manager.
Discuss the similarities and differences between a manager and a leader. 
The main difference is…When you are a leader, people believe in your vision and they follow you. They genuinely believe in your vision and they want your vision to be successful. When you are a manager, people just work for you being you are the manager.
In what ways would transactional and laissez-faire leadership styles be ineffective in encouraging organizational commitment?
Transactional leadership is a very strict and structured form of leadership…similar to the military. This would be very ineffective in an organization. They way they world is changing, you have to stay innovative in order to be successful. 
Laissez- faire leadership produces the lowest productivity because leaders manage with a hands off style. It allows the employees to make their own decisions. This is a horrible style of leadership because the employees to make decisions and not give them a guidelines.  
How might leadership style need to change with an organization’s environment?
To be a great leader, you have to be able to be adaptable. You cant manage everyone the same, times have changed. You have to take time and get to know your employees and handle each one differently. You have to identify how to get the best results out of each employee.


The top five characteristics of a good leader is “focus on the future, create change, create a culture based on shared values, establish and emotional link with followers and use personal power” American InterContinental University (2018a). The five characteristics of a good manager is “focus on the present, maintain status quo and stability, implement policies and procedures, remain aloof to maintain objectivity and use position power” American InterContinental University (2018a). “Leadership and management are often used interchangeably, but they have distinctive meanings” (Bârgău, 2015). Managers promote stability, whereas leaders help the organization adapt to change. According to Intellipath (Leader vs Manager) “Managers are placed in their role by the organization and leaders are those who have the ability to get others to follow them even if they don’t occupy the manager role.” A leader and manger play different roles, but there are times some of their roles are similar. According to M.U.SE. (Manager as Leader, American InterContinental University, 2018b), “the commonly accepted four functions of management is leading.” People in leadership positions are also involved in some aspects of managing.
A person who is a transactional leader watches for mistakes to happen to take corrective action and only intervenes when standards are not being met. They also possess a laissez-faire leadership which is described as avoiding decision and responsibilities. A person with those characteristics cannot encourage or motivate people to commit. One of the traits of a good leader is “a forward-looking viewpoint. They will look at lack of past performance as a learning exercise and work on how employees can learn from their mistakes. They are not looking for someone to blame.
I believe the leadership styles do change depending on the organizational culture. I believe a person can possess difference leadership traits and those traits will manifest depending on what the organization’s vision is.
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