ford pinto

  watch two video and answer the following questions in a paper of two pages of a single space.
follow the instructions :
Recall the discussion on assigning a monetary value to a human life and the two videos:
• Pinto ethics case study:
• Milton Friedman video:
Respond to the questions below in any order and using as many paragraphs as needed, observing good paragraph structure. 
• What ethical dilemma did Ford executives face during the Pinto program?
• What external factors aggravated the dilemma?
• How did Ford executives make their decision?
• What ethical school(s) of thought did they appear to utilize?
• In your opinion, did the Ford executives act ethically? Why or why not?
• In your opinion, should they have considered any other factors when making their decision?
· Suggested length up to two pages, single spaced
· Write a draft to completion, then several hours later or the next day read the draft from beginning to end. 
· Revise any unclear sentences
· Make your writing more concise where possible.
· Observe good transitions within the text
· Leave time to proofread grammar and spelling. 

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