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Kidneys were the first organs to be successfully transplanted. Because a donor can live a normal life with only one kidney, should a person be allowed to sell a kidney? Explain. 50 words
Many people simply cannot afford a healthy diet. How did we get here, and what can we do to change this cycle? 50 words
This God Committee made me think of the events that occurred at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. In the 1960’s, a doctor named Belding Scribner developed a method that allowed patients permanent access to hemodialysis- a method of purifying the blood for patients with kidney disease. This method paved the way for countless patients to receive life-saving dialysis.
However, the hospital could not handle the tremendous number of patients trying to get into the hospital for treatment, so the hospital developed a very controversial way to choose the patients to receive treatment… they developed what became known as “The God Committee”. This committee, made up of members of the community, was set in place to alleviate the physician’s responsibility for making the tough decisions. The committee consisted of a minister, a lawyer, a housewife, a labor leader, a state employee, a banker, and a doctor. They were all unpaid and all took their job very seriously.
They chose who would get dialysis on the basis of contributions to the community- basically the people chosen were chosen based on the type of person that they were and how much they could ‘give back’ to the community. Elderly people and children were at the bottom of the list.
The committee wasn’t together for long, but the implications of this panel kicked off the field of medical ethics and is still used today as an example of what NOT to do.
Why do fraudsters be so interested in hacking into one’s accounts like Facebook?
It really sucks to have your identity stolen and it affects everything. Last year alone mine was stolen 3 times and I couldn’t figure out why. The first time someone stole my wallet and the other two times were due to scanners being put on gas pumps. It sucks and its a financial set bavk because you have tp wait for provisional credits, then if u already have something pending it can often cause ypur account to go into the negative. My best advice is to keep it old school. I noticed alot of older people barely use credit cards they use cash and personal checks still. The only time I see personal checks is for bill payments and groceries but almost everything else is cash. In todays generation were a microwave generation so we prefer to do everything quick and easy. Swipe and go but scammers have figured out a way to con that. If you can use cash for things use cash and minimize the use of credit and debit cards. Also change the pin or maybe after a year or two request a new card with new numbers. Anything that can change up your regular routine.Were going on vacation the only thing im taking is one credit card and cash. Now if I lose the cash i will be out of luck so I have to keep things close. After my wallet was stolen I now no longer carry big purses either. Its important to protect wjo you are because once people have stolen your identity it’s very hard to come back from. Especially when its involving credit. Dropping a score happens quick. Gaining a score is slow.
Nancy post
In order to protect my personal information, I don’t enter my personal information in on websites or give it to other people. I also keep any and all of my personal documents in a fireproof safe in my home. Lastly, I always make sure to shred all paperwork that we are getting rid of then I take it directly to the recycling center.  Unfortunately in this day and age, there is always a chance your identity can be stolen even if you take all possible precautions. If my identity was stolen, I would have to go through a few steps to minimize the damage done. First I would call my bank and the place in which my identity was being used and notify them of the fraud. Then I would call TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian and put a fraud alert on my social security number and request my credit reports from all three agencies. Lastly, I would continually monitor my credit on Credit Karma to ensure that no fraudulent transactions were showing on it. I could also employ a company to monitor my credit as well, but those can be costly. 
Armond post
Immigrant women in the United States had a hard time adjusting to the life of an American. They had a rough time finding employment causing them to have a hard time being able to afford to have a home or even purchase food. They also had a hard time getting married and raising a family of there own.
Most of the immigrant women thought that coming to America would help them establish a good life because of all the opportunities, but they were in for a rude awakening. At this time in history women did not have many rights. Education was hard to come by and so were jobs.
Settlement houses were a way to help women fight for equal opportunities as men. With these houses they were able to make money by having a daycare’s and also used them for learning such as the English language.
Bernstein post
Immigrant women in the United States comprise most of all U.S. immigrants, start businesses at higher rates than American women, and are often the ones that push hardest in their families to become American citizens. Immigrant women often have the double expectation of building new communities while concurrently maintaining the home country’s culture and values in the U.S.
Immigrants often faced the prejudices of their immigrant predecessors and unfair business and labor practices. Additionally, welcomed from rural and less developed areas and performed unskilled labor. They faced harsh conditions in these unskilled jobs. They fought these conditions by joining unions found that many established unions would not accept foreign born workers and became victims for economic difficulties as jobs became fiercely contested.
The purpose of settlement houses is to help to integrate and ease the transition of immigrants into the labor force by teaching them middle-class American values. It provides social services to reduce the effects of poverty, including daycare centers, homeless shelters, public kitchens, and public baths. Some settlement houses are a connection for political activism.

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