Final Essay Gay Right Movement

Please read the instructions carefully. This has to be completed in MLA no exceptions.

The essay will answer the 3 following questions:

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Final Essay Gay Right Movement
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1. What is the History of The Gay Rights Movement and why was it created?
2. Who benefits from the Gay Rights Movement?
3. What is the current stance of The Gay Rights Movement?
Write a 6-8 page research-based essay in which you present a profile of a political organization, such as Black Lives Matter, Arian Nation, Antifa, etc. Then, present a well thought out argument for why this political organization is legitimate or illegitimate. 
Your paper will focus on what others have to say about this organization, but it needs to go beyond merely repeating what these sources say to include explanations and analysis of connections between their ideas and yours. You will need to respond to and elaborate upon the questions about this organization that you’ve created in your proposal.
To be successful with this essay, you will need to provide accurate and reliable quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of facts, opinions, and concepts presented in the sources you have chosen to use.  Note that this doesn’t mean you only cite a source once–sometimes you have to cite a source multiple times in different places in an essay.
Truly think about the purpose of this organization. How does it function? Is it a public entity designed to provide information for the public’s safety or well being? Is its purpose to get you to believe or feel something, vote a particular way, or take action on a social issue? How well does the content and design of the website match its purpose, stance, and intended audience? In short, explain for the audience what the messages and intents of the organization are and the values it promotes.
You will find helpful information from Everyone’s an Author in Chapter 13 “Writing Analytically,” particularly the Roadmap. Use “Why Is Everyone Focused on Zuckerberg’s Hoodie?” by Somini Sengupta (pp 228 – 229) as a model for your essay. Be sure to include your advertisements or visual representations of your organization appropriately with in the text of your essay or as an appendix to your essay so that your audience can see what you are analyzing.
Your analysis should:
Introduce the Organization and context in which you encountered it (personal exposure, secondary exposure, the website, date, surrounding stories, and so on).
Describe the major features of the organization, including the ways in which ads, commercials, social media, media outlets, etc. use colors, arrangement, size, font, presentation, delivery, etc. to attract potential followers to the organization or perhaps deter them. 
Identify the target audience for the organization and how they are specifically targeted.
What might be the values of the targeted audience?
Identify the purpose of the organization and what features support the purpose.
Include an interesting opening and a strong thesis that introduce the organization and make an analytical point that is evidenced in your essay.
Move through a well-organized body that presents claims and supporting evidence.
End with an evaluation of the organization’s effectiveness based on your analysis.
Special Requirements
Length requirement: No fewer than 6 pages, no more than 8 pages. Any essay that has a length of fewer than 6 pages will not receive a grade of more than 50%. Any essay that has a length of over 8 pages will receive a 10% deduction.
Use an MLA Style heading for essays an NO cover page. Be sure to include headers that contain your last name and page number for each page. Be sure to double space entire essay. See sample research paper in Everyone’s an Author on page 574.
Essay will include a works cited entry for all used sources relating to the organization. At least two of your sources must have been found through a Valencia Library database search. Other acceptable sources may be books from Valencia’s library, blogs from noted professionals in the field, professional web sites, reputable organizational web sites, academic web sites, government web sites, and professional journals.

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