Film Analysis About gender

Film Analysis of gender, in this writing assignment students will apply the sociological perspective of gender to a film. ASA’s citation.

 REQUIREMENTS: 4 pages. You must cite at least 3 course readings to support your analysis using ASA style (in-text only, no Works Cited needed). DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Your paper should include the sections below (not all questions need to be answered for every section, only those that apply): 1. Description and Context (Setting the Stage for the Reader) a. Briefly describe the main characters and plot of the movie and the context of its release (what year did it come out, was it a box-office success, and/or other notable things about the movie such as critical reception, actors, director, remake, based on an existing property, etc.) This should provide enough detail and context for someone who hasn’t seen the movie to understand your analysis but not too much to overload the reader with unnecessary details. 2. Application to the Sociology of Gender (Making Connections) a. Connect the film to at least three course readings. Some question to consider: i. What are overall messages that the film sends about gender? Does the film seem to support traditional constructions of what it means to be a man and/or woman or does it support alternative constructions? ii. How do the interactions of the characters in the movie send messages to the audience about gender? How does the movie address intersecting identities like race, class sexuality, etc.? iii. How do the institutions in the movie shape the characters’ ideas about gender? (i.e. in their families, in marriage, in school, in sports, at work, the military, etc.). 3. Personal Reaction (What Did You Come Away With) a. How was your experience re-watching the film with gender in mind? b. Did you learn anything new and/or did the process make you think about something that you hadn’t considered before regarding gender? Film Analysis Grading Rub 

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Film Analysis About gender
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