Film about “Cleopatra” Essay

Cleopatra is depicted as a strikingly beautiful. loyal but manipulative enchantress. seeping muliebrity as she seduces the two most powerful work forces in Egypt. Marc Antony and Julius Caesar. A inquiry this raises is. was she an insecure Queen who felt that she needed a more powerful adult male to assist procure her topographic point on the throne of her darling Egypt. instead than lose it to one of them? As shown in the 2005 Television production ‘Rome’ Cleopatra is seen desiring to acquire pregnant by Caesar to procure her place. but in the terminal she didn’t have any scruples if person else fathered the kid. she would go through it off as Caesar’s.
Cleopatra is shown on movie as an about lovingness being and an intelligent adult female. In the 1934 production. Cleopatra tells Antony as she kisses his manus “I am no longer Queen. I am a adult female. ” This suggests that in that peculiar minute. she is leting her emotions to govern. possibly even traveling as far to state that as a Queen she is rather a stony and difficult character. but as an ordinary adult female. she is leting herself to love. In the 1963 movie. Cleopatra speaks of “One World. one state. life in peace. ” This once more shows her caring nature that she wants the universe to populate in harmoniousness. In existent life. this could be a instead obvious mention to the UN and halting war. Again. in the 1963 production. a instead sexist comment is made about Cleopatra “If she wasn’t a adult female. one might believe she’s an mind. ” This Roman word picture shows Cleopatra to be a clever and smart Queen. but as she is female. she is non given full recognition.
In most Television and movie productions of Cleopatra. she is seen as a beautiful ‘Goddess’ with tonss of make up and dressed in excessive costumes and jewelry to demo her wealth. This portraiture of her makes her look about high care and authoritative. However. the Roman coins. which reveal her portrayal. decipher Cleopatra as less of a beauty but about beldams like. As these coins are the lone piece of history that show what Cleopatra may hold looked like. I think it is a instance that this is one word picture that has been glamorised by Television and movie. Throughout the old ages as assorted productions have been filmed. the actresses playing Cleopatra have changed in visual aspect e. g. their ethnicity. which may demo a alteration in how society sees her. This shows how the universe has changed by leting more cultural groups into the universe of moving.

Television and movie seem to develop the word pictures of Cleopatra to suit in with the universe in which we live at the clip of which the production was made. It would look that the Roman word pictures of Cleopatra seem accurate in footings of her character. wealth and excessive life style but non her expressions. as this is the lone incompatibility against the historical artifacts we have. As clip and society alteration. we may ne’er cognize the true individuality of Cleopatra.

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Film about “Cleopatra” Essay
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