Feasibility Report

The purpose of this report is to analyze the feasibility of your formal proposal.  Your final project will be a formal proposal of a solution to the problem you previously identified.  However, before the formal proposal is pitched, you must first analyze the practical feasibility of that solution.  Please note that this differs from the proposal itself in that you are selecting criteria for judging the solution and then showing both the positives and negatives.  This should be an informational analysis whereas the proposal will be persuasive.
Here is a template that you can use as a guide for your report.

Memo cover page
Title Page
Introduction with purpose statement, method, scope, and background
Discussion section (use subheadings as organized by criteria, e.g., technical, management/maintenance, financial)
Visual Aid
Conclusion that ends memorably and reiterates main points
APA references page

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Feasibility Report
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RESEARCH: A minimum of three (3) credible sources are required (course texts do not count)
·  3-4 pages (does not include memo, title page, or references page)
·  Double-spaced
·  Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
·  1 inch margins
·  Page numbers
·  In-text citations and references page in APA format

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