Facebook Effect

Facebook effects Social network makes a big change into our life. Facebook is a new place to communicate, and entertain. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is an absolutely talented person. The creation of Facebook let us easier to communicate and share our opinion to other, and this is the reason makes Facebook becomes so popular. As the facebook is getting famous, people fall so deeply in Facebook which they spend too much time on it. Facebook has a big influence on us; we should reduce the amount of time that we wasted on it.
One reason, facebook can affect the relationship between friends and family. One function of facebook is chat or message; this function replaced face to face communication or phone. Most of the teenager use chat instead of other communication’s ways, this cause them forget how to converse when face to face. As the facebook becomes more convenient for us, we apply more time on it. It may disturb the time we shared with family or someone you love.
For example, facebook can increase jealousy in a relationship, because you can know everything by checking other person’s wall. It may makes more argues or breaks up. Another reason, facebook can indirectly change our health. With the new technology, the social network isn’t just on our computer, it also locate on our cell phone. We pay out lot of time to look at the small screen phone when we are on the bed, on transportation, and in the cafe. This behavior is so harmful that our eyes will hurt a lot.

Facebook is a public environment for us to commend or communicate with other. However, some people wrote negative commend on someone status or wall, it possibly will hurt that person feeling and this is a form of mental damage. The main reason why we should reduce the time of being online on Facebook is because it can affect our education, especially children. Most of the children don’t have a good self control. Therefore they will use tons of time for chatting with friends, analyzing their wall and playing game on facebook.
Since they spend most of the day on facebook, they will forget or procrastinate to do their homework assignment. This will drop down their grade in school. Slang is another big problem on education. While we are talking through message, we usually put slang into our sentence. This decreases our knowledge of English, and we will feel confusion while we are writing a regular essay. Facebook also contains unconstructive and harmful information, which can manipulate the children to do something wrong. Facebook predominately change our life.
It is a wonderful social site where we meet new friend and entertain ourselves. Although facebook is an excellent place for us to communicate, it has several bad effects on us. Facebook can destroy our relationship between family and friend. If you stay online for too long every day, you will sense that you health will probably get worst and it will affect our grade in school too. Even though facebook can reduce our stress, we should reduce the time that we used on facebook In order to balance our life.

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