Experience Project

It is now time to turn in your Experience Project! (Choice of Art Museum Reflection, Religious Service Report or Service Learning).  Attached are the Guidelines you read in the Course Overview Folder if you need to reread these before you turn it in.
Remember the following format requirements for this paper:

Save your paper as a word, .txt or .rtf file.
Label your document
The paper must be typewritten and double-spaced.
The written portion of the paper must fill at least 3 full typewritten pages. The overall length of the paper may be 3-5 pages.
Top, bottom, and side margins must measure no more than one inch (1″) in width.
Font size must not exceed 12 points.
Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing style are important and will count in the overall grading process. 

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Experience Project
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Once again, make sure that your reflection is not just a regurgitation, but includes both your own thoughts and reflections as well as how either the film events or the art museum pieces relate to the material we’ve studied!  Make it personal.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This assignment must be sent in the form required (either as an rtf or word document attachment or directly submitted in the dropbox).  Any other form, including wps or zipfile, CANNOT be opened.  If your file cannot be opened, it cannot be graded.  It is your responsibility to make sure it is submitted in the correct format!

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