This exercise consists of a list of tasks for a home yard project. Working in Microsoft Project, you will create the task list, including summary tasks and their sub-tasks, create links between tasks and their predecessors. Set a start date for your project of April 30, 2013. Enter the following tasks, including the duration, where specified. Tasks with unspecified duration are summary tasks and the rest are sub-tasks. When completed save the file and submit the file via Canvas.

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ID:    Task List:                                               Duration:             Predecessors:

1          Preparation

2                      Get trash bags                          5 min

3                      Pick up trash                            15 min                         2

4                      Put gas in the equipment          5 min

5                      Get the hedge clippers             5 min

6          Do the work

7                      Trim weeds                              30 min                         3,4

8                      Mow front yard                         45 min                         3,4

9                      Edge sidewalk                          15 min                         3,4

10                    Trim Hedge                              30 min                         5

11                    Mow back yard                         30 min                         8

12        Clean up

13                    Bag grass                                30 min                         7,9,10,11

14                    Bundle trash                            15 min                         7,9,10,11

15                    Haul trash                                45 min                         13,14

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