Ethics in Business

The implications brought by the previous handling of international forces in the Middle East have obviously penetrated even the natural flow of commercial activities. Today, not only the Arab world is subject to facing problematic social structures but all other countries involved in the undertakings of the peace procedures. The sentiments brought by the media, unjustified discriminatory perception and biased presentation of facts have lead to a chaotic global structure of societies affecting commerce and politics.
In the case of DWI, the primary legal infliction that the company can undertake is to generate a legally accepted action only for the case of its commercial credibility. Meaning it can only present in the courts that the justification of selecting non-Arab descent clients are only pre-conditions in order to sustain better services for its customers and to continue its business operations. Of course, the legal issue in this aspect is the discriminatory perspective against a specific group of clients.
The court may face similar questioning about its own powers on how to manipulate commerce in favor of the complete rule against discrimination. There could possibly be a sentiment among the business community to align with the philosophy of DWI since the law basically rules over that of the Commerce Clause. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 intends to prohibit discriminatory acts in commercial establishments (Wikipedia, 2008).

But in the case of DWI, it needs to embark on a decision to weigh its priorities. The profit losses the business may incur will send a message to the business sector that the government is incapable of protecting the welfare of the investors.
On the ethical part, DWI has really committed a discriminatory act by limiting its guests to non-Arab descent individuals. Business establishments like hotels are supposed to be a public place in which any clients can check in and use the facilities. It was very unethical to filter out the Arab guests just because of isolated incidents which do not really provide credible correlations between violence and the presence of Arab descent individuals.
What the company can do is to increase its security operations to protect the whole population of its clientele. An additional investment for this unit can hurt the asset management of DWI but it will let the company continue its profit generation in the long term.
Wikipedia. 2008. Civil Rights Act of 1964. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved January 17, 2008 from

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