Ethan Frome Lit Crit

Marxism is mainly about money and If you don’t have money then your not happy and you will be unhappy because you wont have as much as you would like. The narrator needed a ride to his work and he couldn’t find anyone someone told him about Ethan, that he will do anything to make a buck. The narrator asked Ethan and he ended up saying yes because he needed the money. When Ethan came back from law school, for good, his mother hired Keenan to take care of her but then people started talking and he felt obligated to marry Keenan In the end.
When Ethane’s mother died she was worried about money ND what Ethane’s dad had done. Ethan worked In his lumber limb that he had and did anything to get a few bucks here and there. Since Keenan “always” got sick, since Ethane’s mother died, she would spend most of their money to pay for her medical bills and medication. Instead of paying a maid to come and work for them Keenan was able to get Mattie to help her for free because Mattie didn’t have anyone after her parents died except her cousin Keenan. The first time Ethan picked up Mattie to him It felt like love at first sight when they first met her.
Even though It was love at iris sight he TLD realize that It was going to be another person to feed even with the little money he was making from the lumber limb. Financially he had to make a way to provide to feed an extra person. Ever since Ethan met Mattie and when they would hang out he felt less stress about money. He kept wanting to leave with Mattie but never could because he couldn’t leave Keenan just like that. He was afraid of what people might look at it. If Ethan was able to leave Keenan Just like the man who left his wife for his mistress he would.

As much as he wanted to do so he felt bad to leave ere after all he did bring her to the house and now he’s Just going to leave her with a house with bills that she couldn’t afford to pay and she wouldn’t able to sell it. The economy was down in town and people weren’t able to pay for or buy a house. The economy was down to a point where people were barely making it. Jobs were being lost. Some people couldn’t afford a lot of food because they needed to have a house. This relates to Ethan From because Ethan was one of those people who couldn’t make a lot of money.
Ethan had trouble getting Just a little extra cash on the side Just o afford something for themselves. Ethan From Is a good example of Marxism because it shows that people of the lower class are always unhappy unless they have money with them. In this book it tells you that money is what makes people happy. If people didn’t have money they would be stressing out and have house situations. The economy is based on money. Money keeps the economy going and when it goes down everybody struggles to make a living. Ethan From showed a form AT Marxism Decease social class. Outnumber ten story people Autocue mainly on money Ana t

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