Essential Journal One

This paper will also validate what I have learnt by providing examples of personal or professional experiences as it relates to essentials I and II. Lastly this paper will describe future learning needs necessary to achieve each essential. Annihilation of Learning The past 1 7 months at Nova Southeastern has molded me in understanding why a BBS degree was/is the standard for entry into the nursing practice.
An associate degree in nursing (DAN) and diploma nurses came about due to the massive shortage that the nursing profession was facing. According to Alton (201 1) “one rational for the push for BBS nurses is because recent studies have indicated that there is decreased morbidity, mortality, and failure-to-rescue rates in hospitals that employ larger percentages of baccalaureate prepared nurse” (p. 257). Essential I Essential I talked about the liberal education for baccalaureate generalist nursing practice.
According to the (American Association of College of Nursing CAN], (2008) “nursing graduates with a liberal education exercises clinical judgment, understanding the reasoning behind policies and standards, and respect responsibility for continued development of self and the discipline of nursing” (p. 1 1). Obtaining my BBS has shaped the way I View patient care especially in terms of the many theory developed by nursing theorist.

Evidence base practice has given me the insight into better and safer patient care while being able to teach others about what I’ve learnt. Essential II Essential II talks about the basic organizational and systems leadership for quality care and patient safety. Courses taken like leadership, budget and pathologically has equipped us to be better leaders, given us a greater understanding of disease processes, organizational skills needed to manage units, and lastly explore the many ways to improve quality of care and patient safety.
The CAN (2008) states that a “baccalaureate nursing graduates are distinguished by their abilities to identify, assess, and evaluate practice in care delivery models that are based in contemporary nursing science and are feasible within current culture, economic, organizational, and political prospective” (p. 13). Validation of Learning As patient acuity increases along with technological advances in healthcare, we as nurses need to be more educated in order to provide the best care possible to our patients. It is a disservice to our patients for nurses to be comfortable with a two year degree without thought of advancement.
Yes a nurse is a nurse, but being well rounded with the educational knowledge needed to better solve complex problems, provide better leadership qualities, and understand evidence base practice is all part of the critical liberal education a BBS degree provides. Essential Example One of the most influential class think was my budget class. The number en reason for this was due to the lack of knowledge about the topic. After completing the course it has help me to realize just how integral each and every one of us are to the budget process.
Understanding that healthcare is a business and every item that is used has a cost associated with it gives us the nurse a better awareness. Essential II Example Being able to differentiate between a good leader and a good manager, and learning what it takes to be both are some Of the things I have taken from my adhering class. Throughout my BBS journey Vive learned the reason why core measures were being done on my previous unit for each Congestive earth failure (CHEF) and Myocardial Infarction (MI) admission.
Evidence base practice has help me to bridge the gap between nurse patient ratios and medication errors which as a AND nurse could not be conceptualized. Future Learning Needs As navigate through my last 3 course to becoming a Bachelor prepared nurse, believe these courses will provide me with the skills needed to easily adapt to any future learning need that will arise. Being a nurse requires a commitment to lifelong learning. Most if not all of the potential learning outcomes outlined in essential I and II have been reach or is in the process of Ewing reached, from each class I have taken at Nova Southeastern.
Conclusion In the ever-changing world of healthcare, nurses need to be able to adapt and conform in order to keep up to the pace. According to Mugginess (2008) “research links BBS-educated Urns with improved patient outcomes” (p. 47). Research has shown that a BBS prepared nurse possess greater critical thinking skills thus better decision making which leads to a decrease risk of patient deaths and failure to rescue. Personally, having taken on the challenge to further my education has open many doors, along with awarding e greater insight to many processes involved in the ever changing healthcare arena.

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Essential Journal One
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