Essay about Same Sex Marriage

In Why Fear Same-Sex Marriages by William Raspberry, the author begins by presenting the side of Gary Bauer, who is against same-sex marriage. He agrees with Bauer that legalizing it will change 4,000 years of Judeo-Christian teaching, however, the greater question is whether it “launches us on the path to perdition or merely heralds the shedding of another irrational prejudice” (Raspberry, 2001). Raspberry supports same sex marriage so long as these are directed towards forming monogamous and committed unions.
It’s the Final Step in Killing Marriage by Maggie Gallagher points out that it’s not wrong to disagree with same-sex marriages. This is in defense of Rev. Fauntroy who is a civil-rights legend but is against same-sex marriages. The author highlights what the gay movement has done as “harassment tactics, demonizing those who disagree” (Gallagher, 2001). Gallagher ends the essay with a statement on how these ‘tactics’ have even reached her personal email.
Committed Couples Would Stabilize Society by Andrew Sullivan supports same-sex marriages. Sullivan points out that based on research during the first six years when gay marriage was made legal, “the rate of straight marriages rose 10 percent, and the rate of straight divorces decreased by 12 percent” (Sullivan, 2001). Sullivan believes that these types of marriages will strengthen the bonds of heterosexual marriage since ‘marriage’ finally encompasses all citizens. Personally, I would agree that same-sex marriage should be legalized.

But it should be kept in mind that marriage is holy, and that the couples should truly be committed to their union. This goes true for gay as well as heterosexual marriage. With the high divorce rates today, I believe this should be the greater concern for society. The focus should be on strengthening marriages, not preventing or discriminating people from entering into marriage. I agree that legalizing gay marriage would “heal the psychic wounds that scar so many gay people and their families” (Sullivan, 2001).

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Essay about Same Sex Marriage
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