Essay about plagiarism

visit Wikipedia on the internet.  Read about intellectual property, patents, trademarks, copyright and plagiarism.  You have a week to read through these concepts.  As you read think about how you would explain plagiarism to a high school student

start to write a reflection on plagiarism.  You have 120 hours (5 days) to complete this assignment.  

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Essay about plagiarism
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Topic: What is plagiarism?  Why do faculty at colleges and universities consider student plagiarism a serious issue?  What can you do to protect yourself from plagiarizing even by mistake?  Please see the directions below for how to write your exercise.

Please write a 300 word composition on one of the topics I have selected.  Use 12-point font and double space.  Your composition needs a main idea, major points and specific details.  Respond to the topic in your first sentence.  Make that your main idea.  Then use the rest of your word limit to support your main idea.  You must cite from the reading material to support your ideas.  Use one quote in your composition and include a citation at the end of the page.  Stay focused on the topic.  When you proofread check for common errors like fragments, run-on’s, commonly confused words, tense shift, subject-verb disagreement, spelling, etc.  Try to adhere to the KISS Principle.  Keep your sentences short and simple.
Visit “MLA Style Center” on the internet. 

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