Essay about Personal Ethics Development Paper

What comes to mind when one thinks of ethics? Most people will say that ethics is a system of moral values. Ethics can be instilled or taught by one’s parents. Ethics is a topic that is considered to be complicated and not easily defined. Per the dictionary, ethics is defined as a system of moral principles; the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc; moral principles, as of an individual.
Some may say that your ethical system may change as one grow older and come into contact with different people of various cultures. While growing up, we have been taught what to do and what not do. We are taught on beliefs, ethics, morals, values, and to respect others. Different countries have different cultures, ethics, religions, and beliefs. Everyone believes that his or her ethic, belief, religion, and value are the only one that existed and others should follow. Most of the people still do not know who is right, who is wrong, and who to follow.
Throughout this essay, I will discuss “the developmental aspect of my ethics. ” Define “my underlying ethical system, its primary principles, and the sources that helped shape my ethics. ” Additionally I will also discuss the ethical key terms found on University of Phoenix located on the student web site. I will also discuss on my ethics used in the workplace and how ethics plays the key role of an organization. My ethic beliefs were influenced mainly by Christianity. The primary principle of Christianity is the Ten Commandments.

According to Religious Ethical Beliefs, “The 10 Commandments are Divine Command ethics. In other words they derive from laws set down by God. They are also meant to be objective and universal. Ethics from Jesus’ teachings are similar to the 10 Commandments in that they teach obedience to God but they also stress virtues as well as the famous ethical principle known as the Golden Rule” (Fairchild, 2011. ) Having two children myself I want to pass on my ethical values to them as well. Ethics, morals, and values are something that is taught.
The church that I currently attend sets a great example of how to live by the bible. Most of the people that are members of my church lead by example. You can see them in the community and church with no difference in character. It is evident that they do believe in the 10 Commandments and its principles. It is very important for me to see that an individual word mirrors his or her actions. It is also essential for me to see that others with the same ethical system leading not only in my church but in the community around us.
Knowing all of this helps develops me more with my ethical system. It allows me to grow as a person and focus on areas that need some assistance in. The ethical system that I have chosen to live every day of my life by is not an easy decision sometimes. As person having been faced with difficult situations while in the workplace, that caused issues of compliance with my management and coworkers. There was a time when I worked for a company before college that took care of mentally handicapped individuals on a twenty-four hour basis.
I really enjoyed working with the mentally handicapped individuals and my coworkers knew it. My coworkers relied on my joy of working with the mentally handicapped and took full advantage of it. Each employee was paired up with clients to take care of according to skill level. My coworkers would knowingly know that one of our clients had an accident in their clothes. They would make the client wait until I came to work so I could change the client. There was no way that I could allow any client even if not my assigned client to sit around in soiled clothing.
At first I didn’t complain to anyone but then it started happening more and more often. Even management started recommending to other employees to talk with me to assist with their undone assigned duties. My ethical system played over and over in my decision making process. I knew that the clients couldn’t help themselves and needed me. I would not want to be treated this way so there wasn’t a possibility that I could dare treat them unfairly. Since my coworkers performed so poorly on their job, I made sure that I worked hard for the upkeep of the clients.
Treat them the way I wanted to be treated if in a similar situation. Ethics are definitely needed in an organization in order to succeed. It is imperative to outline your organization’s values to your employees in order to reach your company’s goals. Without outlining your company’s ethical system, your various employees will bring their own personal ethics to the table which could lead your organization in the direction that you didn’t want it to go in. When ethics are introduced to your employees, it sets a concrete standard for them to follow.
It provides an explanation for how the organization operates on many of their policies and procedures. Hopefully, the company’s ethics are in accordance with one’s personal ethics. If the ethics of the organization that you work for are line with your personal life, many of your workplace decision making needs will be easier to achieve. With this being said, an employee should also research the company’s ethical system before involving oneself with their organization.

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Essay about Personal Ethics Development Paper
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