In a well-developed essay, of at least 500 words, discuss the tension  and conflicting interests of social spending that targets the elderly  versus that which benefits children and young people. In your  discussion, tell me your opinion of whether the balance we currently  have is: 1) just; 2) far- or short-sighted; and 3) reasonable. Discuss  as well what you believe to be the justification for this disparity as  well as your thoughts about how things should or should not be changed.
Essays are to be word processed; a minimum of 500 words; single  spaced with the standard default 12 pt. font (Word’s default font is  Times New Roman) and normal margins, etc. 
The essay is your opportunity to present a thoughtful, well-formed,  but brief opinion piece on the topic given, while also demonstrating  your having learned several concepts that pertain to the question. 
While this is primarily a writing exercise, it should also help you  to focus on the most important concepts of each unit – So, the hidden  goal here is that in your efforts to fully answer the question, you will  get into your books, review your notes, and by organizing your  thoughts, learn the material!
So, think about the question, what it means to you- and how aspects  of this section’s material contribute to a full explanation of your  answer- and then organize your thoughts into a succinct summary.
The writing option is designed to offer a partial alternative to  multiple choice questions and the anxiety that many students have with  that, give you a chance to work on valuable writing skills, focus your  test studying onto the key areas, and (I’d argue, most importantly) give  you a chance to voice your thoughts, opinions, and concerns.

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