The emergence of HRM in the UK in the 1980s represented a new form of managerialism and was instrumental in increases in work intensification’. Discuss. 

Word count: 2,000 words (excluding references) and the 10% convention applies
· Minimum use of 15 academic journal articles/ research reports.
· It must be single-sided with size 12 font, 1.5 spacing with the pages numbered and stapled.

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Structure – a clear logical format with linked points and arguments.
Broadly, your essay should be structured in the following manner (subheadings are not necessary)
1. Introduction – summary of your ideas and the structure
2. Review of the literature – critical discussion
3. Conclusions
4. References
Background material – evidence of the background research drawing from literature sources. This should include enough descriptive content and factual information from which to derive arguments and assessment of key themes, issues and problems addressed.
Accuracy – in the presentation and description of theories used in the argument
Argumentation – the main argument of the report should relate to the objectives you have initially stated. They should be supported by evidence, both from a variety of sources in the literature.
Presentation – the answers should be well planned – clear, coherent and well constructed. Remember- never write in the first person.
Relevant references and sources must be cited using the Harvard style of referencing. Marks will be removed for wrong or poor referencing.
Useful tips on essay writing

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