ERD discussion 1

Task 1:  ERD Tools

There are different tools to develop ERDs. Try at least two different tools and share your experiences why you choose a certain tool to develop the ERD in this class. You may choose the tool not listed in the following list.  
For example, you may compare the learning curve, the convenience of use, the time to complete an assignment, etc. 
Tools to Draw Entity Relationship Diagrams
1. Visio,  (Links to an external site.)
It’s free for LTU students. 
2. Lucidchart for Education, (Links to an external site.) 
Check the limitation for Free EDU.
How to draw an ERD: (Links to an external site.) 
3., (Links to an external site.) 
4. Paper & Pencil + Document Scanner (e.g., Office Lens/OneDrive/Dropbox) 
Check the smartphone apps. After the installation, you should be able to use a document scanner provided by these apps. 
Task 2: Draw an ERD

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ERD discussion 1
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1. Uber Elevate ( (Links to an external site.)) App
First, check the Uber Elevate website and its videos. If you are hired to develop the Uber Elevate App for users to take flights between locations. What entities are the most important to store flight and customer data? 
Draw an ERD using the Crow’s Foot notation. At least 6 entities are required. In addition to your diagram, you have to explain your design ideas with logical explanations.  

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