Environmental Design


Part of your visit to the museum (besides enjoying yourself) is to evaluate what role a designer 
played in helping to shape the information and experience of learning within this institution. 
Your paper must reflect on the role of a designer as it relates to the space you are visiting. 
Things designers consider in a museum space include:
Experiential learning

Physical space and traffic flow

Labeling and visibility

Interactive forms such as video and audio
Opportunities to explore and enhance human senses as it relates to learning
How did the information relate to you as a user?
As you reflect on your experience use the above criteria to shape your paper. Also if possible 
take photos so you can include in your paper.
For full credit! Take a photo of your ticket stub and include in essay!
Final Paper must be at least 500 words
. If you are able to photograph in the museum please 
include images that you reference in your essay. You must also take a photo of your ticket stub 
and include in essay! 

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