English Literature

  Here you have a list of topics for your first paper in this class.  Please print and bring to class for discussion.  For your paper you are required to do some outside or background research: Wikipedia, answers.com, Cliff Notes, Sparknotes, Shmoop, enotes, gradesaver, or other similar internet sources DO NOT qualify.  You may, however, search for secondary material either by going to a library, or by navigating through Jastor or Project Muse in the Queens College online Library Databases. You may also consult websites that end with “.edu.”  If you need to define a term, please use: Dictionaries of Literary Terms, or Encyclopedias of Literary Themes and Motifs, Dictionaries of Symbolism, and other reputable dictionaries or encyclopedias.  
  Quotations are very important in a paper: including and discussing specific quotations from the primary text(s) helps you support your views.  Also, make sure to refer to specific characters in the tales/poem of your discussion.   Finally, please remember this is a Comparative Literature course; that means you should attempt to compare two to three characters, either of the same text, or from different texts discussed in this course.    papers should be double space only, typed with Times New Roman font, 12 point 
How do you assess Job’s friends and their behavior towards Job, a man devastated by the loss of his children and all his possessions?   In other words, is their behavior ethical towards a man on his knees because of his loss? Make sure to discuss and to include explicit examples from the text.
I have found cites that you can use,i will put it down below.Title: Job’s Fifth Friend: An Ethical Critique of the Book of Job
Author(s)​: David J.A. Clines

Title: Just Skin and Bones: The Longing for Wholeness of the Body in the Book of Job 
Author(s): Alec Basson

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Title: THE BOOK OF JOB: A Literary StudyAuthor(s): DAVID ROBERTSON
Title: Where Can I Find Consolation? A Theoretical Analysis of the Meaning of Consolation as Experienced by Job in the “Book of Job” in the “Hebrew Bible” 
Author(s): Åsa Roxberg, David Brunt, Mikael Rask and  António Barbosa da Silva
Title: Job’s Wives in the “Testament of Job”: A Note on the Synthesis of Two Traditions
Author(s): Michael C. Legaspi
Title: The Book of Job: A Grief and Human Development InterpretationAuthor(s): Arlin Roy

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