English 1302

There are total of 3 different assignment below. Please read carefully each assignment and complete them. 

Writers Notebook 4.1
Click the link below to read the text 

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English 1302
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Then answer the questions below 

Use the following questions to help you formulate a reflection/response to Boroditsky’s article.  Of course, you may also include ideas or concerns that most interest you.  

How would you answer the question that Boroditsky poses to her students: which cognitive faculty would you most hate to lose? 
Are languages merely tools for expressing thoughts, or do they actually shape our thoughts?  What is your opinion?  Provide some examples from your own experience for support.
Notice how the author includes opposing viewpoints into her essay.  Which opposing viewpoints do you find most convincing?

Total = 1 page for this assignment 
Discussion Board 4.1 
Click the following link to watch the video, then answer the question below

Use the following questions to help you formulate your response to “The Science of Sarcasm” by Richard Chin.  You do not need to answer each question individually; they are here to help guide you.  Remember, all discussion boards require one initial post of at least 300 words, two replies of at least 150 words each. 
1. What are the differences between sarcasm, irony and satire?
2. Sarcasm involves saying one thing and meaning the opposite. How do people detect sarcasm?
3. Why are we more likely to use sarcasm with our friends than our enemies?
4. Do you find sarcasm funny or just rude?

Total =1 Page for this assignment.
Discussion Board 4.2

Read the material in Unit 4 about music and figurative language then listen to the music files located in the Music folder.  Choose one that interests, engages or confuses you the most. 
For this discussion, describe the music incorporating figurative language wherever possible.  Use vivid imagery, metaphors, similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and hyperbole to help your reader understand your reaction to the music.  The highest grades will be given to students who can use an extended metaphor in their description. 
Respond to your classmates’ posts (2 replies) by adding your own opinions and reactions to the music they chose to write about. 

Choose one music file links from below then answer the questions above.

Total = 1 page for this assignment.

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