employment package

 Use the one of the job ads posted by me (see Content for Week 5) or choose a real job advertisement in your field, and posted within the last twelve months, from a newspaper, the Internet, or elsewhere. Include a copy of the job posting with your assignment. 1. Produce a professional cover letter targeted* to the job of your choice. *Targeted refers to content that directly relates to the company, position, and job description that you are applying for. 2. Produce a professional resume targeted to the job of your choice. • Please note that you cannot invent qualifications or experience; anything that appears on the resume or cover letter must be true. Remember, employers can fire employees for being less than honest during the application process. • Your resume should be at least one page in length but no more than two. • Your letter should be no more than one page in length. You will submit your assignment (cover letter, resume/career brief) in ONE document in the Assignment 2 FOL dropbox. • The resume and cover letter are of equal weight for this assignment. 3. Also submit a Career Brief or a LinkedIn Profile Summary • This can be with or without a Brand Statement as part of your application package (please do not post on a LinkedIn profile, just include the text in your assignment). • his will be part of your resume; you can add it at the beginning of your resume under your name/contact OR at the end of your resume in a separate section (depending if you choose the career brief or LinkedIn summary). 

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employment package
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