Can you convince people to give you their money? Owning a GYM During a Pandemic 
Here is the prompt for the Email Assignment:  Email Assignment 306 Spring 2020.pdf Email Assignment 306 Spring 2020.pdf – Alternative Formats
Be certain to read the prompt several times. Because this is our next GRADED Writing Assignment, I have given you explicit directions, lots of clear guidelines, and instructions. There are many sample emails in the sample papers section and in the lecture notes. Review them – so you can SEE what a good email looks like.
>>> But, YOUR EMAIL should look good to YOU. You do not have to copy what I have provided. If you want to use complete paragraphs and sections, great. If you want to use headings and a few DETAILED bullet points, fine. All of these decisions are yours as the writer!
***Special Note: The biggest problem I saw after grading the Example Memo was the LACK of DETAIL. Too many of you simply did not provide enough examples, depth, and detail to make your memo clear. As always, you can write as much as you want  – just be absolutely certain your EMAIL/writing has plenty of examples, depth, and detail so the reader knows EXACTLY what you are saying!
This assignment WILL NOT be submitted on BB.
I have a NEW EMAIL address just for this assignment: [email protected] If you do not send your email assignment to this address – it will NOT be graded.
Also, add the class section number (section 01) to the informative subject line you create. This is a must – if you fail to do this I will send your email back to you.
The exact due date and time for this assignment will be posted on the home page in the My Tasks box.
This assignment will be worth 15% of the quarter grade.
Remember, this is an EMAIL ASSIGNMENT, so you will email it to me – DO NOT TRY TO SUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT ON BLACKBOARD – follow the directions on the prompt.
When I receive your email,  I will grade it and email you back with the grade and some comments attached. The grades will then be added to Blackboard.
If you have any questions, please let me know.

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