Elements of a communication

BackgroundThis assignment is intended to meet the learning outcomes of applying the tools or elements of a communication plan through a well-organised campaign aimed at creating awareness about the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine (“Immunisation campaign”) in the North-West Province. The assignment is further envisioned to equip students and harness their disciplinary knowledge of corporate communication and advance public relations efforts and practice with particular emphasis on the importance of communications planning, management and evaluation. Challenge/Task The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented hardships globally, ranging from halted social interactions, economic turmoil and a disrupted reality among other struggles.  The new normal is what many people did not anticipate, however, with the recent advances in vaccine(s) development there is a bit of hope or opportunity for countries like South Africa to recover from the pandemic. As a seasoned communication practitioner of the North-West department of Health (NW-DoH) in South Africa, you have just been invited to develop a communication plan for a campaign launch, called “the immunisation campaign”. Your role as communication practitioner is to formulate and develop a communication plan that details the process that will take place during the campaign launch. The event is of great importance to the organisation (NW-DoH), hence formulating a communication plan remains crucial to the success of both the launch and the organisation at large. To successfully develop the campaign, you need to consider and integrate all relevant elements of the communication plan – use the theoretical knowledge attained throughout the semester to assist the health department in creating awareness about the vaccination programme or roll-out to the people of the North-West province at large through adequate information drive. Suggested elements of a communication plan to be consideredThe following suggested sections of your communication plan should be guided by the theoretical aspects discussed in the module and should guide the construction of the communication plan through the application of theory.Situation analysisWhat does the landscape look like? What particular strengths, challenges, or opportunities are facing your organisation in rolling-out the vaccine(s)? Are there other positive or negative facts, perceptions, etc. that may be relevant?Communication objectivesWhat are the 3 to 4 tangible, measurable communications outcomes you want to achieve over the planning time?Target audienceIdentify the primary audience you’re after:  What do you want them to do?  What will that take? What are the challenges or opportunities here?Secondary audience – is there one?  How do they differ from primary audience? (Be sure that most energy goes into primary audiences)Research – how do you know what they think?Key messagesWhat do you want to tell your target audience?Communication channelsBased on what you know about each target audience, pick communication channels that would be effective ways of reaching them.Strategic approach (strategy and tactics)Are there a few overarching strategies that can direct the path forward – besides “getting the word out?”Who is responsible?Each component of a communications plan depends on someone to provide information, data, or process support.  The plan must have an “owner” but everyone in the organisation should be accountable for supporting it.Timeline (implementation plan)Chart out what activity needs to happen in each month, or week leading up to your deadline.What’s already on the calendar that can be leveraged? Budget What’s the estimated cost of each activity? Can it be done in-kind?Are there sponsors or partners who can underwrite it?EvaluationHow and when will you evaluate the success?What is your system to track media coverage and website activity?Appendices (some suggestions only…) Remember that the below appendices are examples of what you could add to the communication plan. It has to be explained within the communication plan (the larger assignment) and then added as an appendix / aspect. There needs to be a direct link between the content in the larger assignment and the appendices, so there is a link between the two.Appendix 1: Organisation’s details Appendix 2: Detailed SWOT analysis Appendix 3: Copy of press release / media release Appendix 4: Detailed campaign budget breakdown Appendix 5: Facebook group page Appendix 6: Twitter account screenshot etc.Appendix 7: Roadshow activities/activationsUse the prescribed study material as guidance, but also add additional sources to give your paper academic depth. Remember that you are expected to master the elements of a communication plan, as well as show insights through your application. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIndividual OR in groups of not more than five (5) membersYou may work on your own or in a group of maximum five members(Please note: There may not be more than five members in a group. If there are more than five members, the final mark of the assignment will be divided.)Sources and List of sources consultedYou must integrate the prescribed material as well as additional sources. Use academically sound sources.You must reference sources according to the NWU’s prescribed referencing style.You must include a list of sources consulted.Please note: 10% of the final mark of your assignment will be deducted if the plagiarism declaration has not been attached. And remember to acknowledge your sources throughout the assignment. Each member of the group MUST sign the plagiarism declaration.FormatThe format of your typed assignment is to follow the academic requirements as outlined by the North-West University (https://libguides.nwu.ac.za/undergraduate-student-support).Arial or Times New Roman;  11 points;  1.5 spacing;  Justify;  2.5cm marginsStyle of headings(Remember to number your headings and to use the same numbering as in the table of contents)First-level headings = 1 ALL CAPS AND BOLDSecond-level headings = 1.1 Normal and boldThird-level headings = 1.1.1 Normal, bold and italicSubmission of assignmenteFundi > Assignments > Final aligned Assignment 3DeadlineFriday, 11 June before 2pm (14:00)Please note: You will be penalised if the assignment is submitted late:-15% for the first dayNo assignment will be evaluated if it is submitted more than a day after the deadline.LEARNING OUTCOMESAfter engaging with the materials and activities in this study unit you should be able to:critically explain how the communication plan develops from the communication strategy; argue the nature and necessity of a communication plan by means of theoretical scenarios and case studies; andcompile a communication plan. RECOMMENDED STUDY MATERIALThese are some sources you could use, but you are encouraged to do your own research and add use cite your own sources:Gregory, A. 2021. Planning and managing public relations campaigns: a strategic approach. 5th ed. London: Kogan Page.Steyn, B & Puth, G. 2000. Corporate communication strategy. Sandown: Heinemann.MARKING SCHEMEMarking criteria (marks will be allocated for adhering to the following):TopicMarksSituation analysisWas the organisation and communication need clearly defined?10Aims and objective(s)Are the aims and objectives clear and drafted according to best practice?10Stakeholders (target audience) Are the stakeholders and publics clearly understood?10Messages and communication channelsWill the messages be applicable to the identified target audience and will the channels reach these audiences?10Strategies and tactics / Strategie en taktiekeIs the solution suggested applicable and creative and does it answer the organisation and communication need?Are the strategy(ies) and tactics applicable?15Timeframes and the management of resources (budget)10Evaluation of the plan and possible challengesAre the suggested evaluation and measurement tools applicable?Are solutions offered for possible challenges?10The plan itselfWas a professional, creative product delivered?Does the student show an understanding and thorough knowledge of what a communication plan/campaign includes?Recommendations and outline for this specific campaign, as well as giving reasons for the elements chosen.15Technical care (use of language, spelling, general neatness, layout, numbering of headings) and references.10TOTAL100

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Elements of a communication
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