Effects of Child Abuse

Outline. The Effects Of Child Abuse. Introduction : Child Abuse is any physical and emotional mistreatment of a child. It is prominent in the form of injuries or how a child behaves. Child abuse can cause severe damage to the abused child even when the child has grown into an adult. This is because they have to deal with the psychological, physical and behavioural effect that is resulted from the abuse. Point 1 : Livestrong states that the physical injury of a child is the most obvious result of child abuse.
Examples of physical injuries are bruises or broken bones. Point 2 : As indicated by Livestrong’s article titled “Causes and Effects of Child Abuse”, the child abused also suffers from psychological effect. Examples of psychological effect would be the feeling of isolation, fear, distrust, depression and low self-esteem. Point 3 : Livestrong also points out that an abused child will also undergo behavioural symptoms.
Examples of behavioural effects are delinquency, teen pregnancy and teen drug issues. Conclusion : To sum it all up, an abused child goes through a difficult life due to the physical, psychological and behavioural trauma. They often feel insecure, worthless and alienated from the society. We as a part of society should be aware of our actions towards children and how others treat children as they grow into adulthood according to how they are treated by those around them.

So let’s think of the children. Do you want your children to go through life like that? Pre-writing. The Effects Of Child Abuse. Physical Effects : – Physical injuries : bruises or broken bones. – Shaken baby syndrome – Impaired brain development – Long term problems with cognitive, language and academic abilities Psychological Effects : * Feel isolated * Fearful * Untrusting * Depression Behavioural Effects : * Delinquency * Teen pregnancy * Teen drug The Effects Of Child Abuse.

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