Video: Create a 6-10 minute video of you responding to the questions below. Be sure to research your answers and answer each question completely. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment (see ‘Read Aloud Video Rubric’).To record your video, sign-up a free account for Present.Me by going to To familiarize yourself with how to use the Present.Me program, watch the tutorials at or your video to YouTube and share the link with your instructor. Do so by creating a Word doc with a title page, a page with the link, and a reference page for any reference you used in your presentation.1. How does research on life conditions that accelerate telomere shortening illustrate the joint influence of heredity and environment on biological aging?2. Why are people in committed relationships likely to be more sexually active and satisfied than those who are dating several partners?3. How does expertise affect information processing? Why is expertise necessary for, but not the same as, creativity?4. What student and college-environment characteristics contribute to favorable psychological changes during the college years?5. What cultural changes have led to the emergence of the period known as emerging adulthood?6. According to Levinson, how do the life structures of men and women differ?P.S. Just answer questions I’ll do the video. Thank you!

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