Create an interface design screen for 1 of the 4 following application category types:

A music service / player app such as Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora
A social media / sharing / communications app such as Instagram, What’s App, Facebook or Snapchat
A video media player app such as Netflix or Hulu
A media-making app such as a Photoshop-like app, a Camera app, or a video or audio recording / mixing app

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The design can either be a close replication of an existing design, something totally unique, or something in between. Your UX/UI design must include these 4 components, related to whichever app category you have selected. :

The design must fit the screen size / dimensions of a specific device, which must be noted in the comments. This frame MUST be defined by a background color / texture / pattern and/or image  – 1 pt
A gradient applied to either a background element or another component in the design – 1pt
Button / icon elements (at least 5 distinct buttons or icons) – 2 pts
Pixel image element with a clipping mask applied. Use your own unique pixel based images to replace any pixel based images in the original UX/UI designs (like album art, photos, portraits, etc) – 1 pt

Screen Design: 5pts 
After completing this first design, duplicate the design and then create a second version with significant differences applied to the placement and layout of the buttons and icons, OR the color + design aspects of the button / icon components. This additional, altered version is worth and additional 1 pt.
Alternative Screen Design: 1pt

Total Project – 2 Screen Designs: 6pts
Export Specifics:
Project Requirements:
Completed using Illustrator or approved alternative vector editor
Dimensions specific to your chosen device
Both versions exported and submitted as a JPG file
Export Settings Using CC versions: File > Export > Export As: JPG file format, Check “Use Artboards”, Color Mode: RGB, Quality 10 (Maximum), Compression Method: Use Default Setting, Resolution: Screen 72 ppi
Export Settings Using CS6 or lower versions: File > Save for Web: JPG file format, Quality 100% / Maximum, Compression: Use Default Setting, Check “Clip to Artboard”, hit “Save” not just “Done” in bottom right

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