Due tomorrow!! 4-5 pages

Here’s what you will do:

Open the reading selection and read it carefully and critically, making annotations.  I strongly suggest you print it out.  Identify major themes or ideas that emerge in the reading.
Select one of these major themes or ideas as the focused topic for an essay you will write for this assignment.  
Select a purpose of your essay.  It must be an academic purpose, and it must make some sort of argument, but the rest is up to you. I am looking for your ability to express a somewhat original idea in a limited amount of time, and to do so using research well.
Do research on the library databases (and ONLY the library databases–any other sources you use will not be counted) to find at minimum three articles and at maximum five articles that will help you develop your 4-5 page essay.
Brainstorm, organized, and draft your essay.  You must quote something from the original article that I posted as your hook for your paper.  You may refer to it at maximum two more times in your essay. You must include a works cited page and use proper MLA citation.

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Due tomorrow!! 4-5 pages
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