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Maxims of Effective Practice

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This week you have studied strategies for assessing your effectiveness as an adult educator and practical advice to help you meet the challenges of working with adult learners and grow as a professional. For this discussion, draw on all of these resources as well as your own research to identify additional ways to support your professional development.

Read Stephen Brookfield’s “Staying Sane: 16 Maxims of Skillful Teaching” (pp. 265-277). Consider those that stand out as most relevant and/or valuable for you in supporting your effectiveness as an adult educator. Choose three as your focus and reflect on the ways in which you can apply other strategies from the Resources to help you follow each maxim you have selected and develop your skills as an adult educator.

In addition, draw on the Optional Resources or ones that you identify on your own to research professional development information for adult educators. Look for general resources as well as those related to your specific field. In particular, note resources that speak to emerging trends in adult education and/or the early childhood field. Identify one to recommend to your colleagues.

By Wednesday:

Post the following:

  • Your three maxims and at least three strategies or techniques that will support you in following these maxims and growing in your effectiveness.
  • At least one professional development resource you recommend and a summary of what it offers. Be sure to include the citation or URL so your colleagues can explore it too.
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