does anyone know the Capsim webside ??

You are to complete 4 (four) Rehearsal Tutorial Rounds. Remember you will need to utilize all of the reports/information each year (Round) to make decisions in managing your company. Also, you will need to compete the Quiz in the Rehearsal Tutorial area to be able to process the first round; once you get the matching questions  correct, the “blocker” is released and for each subsequent round you “lock-in” your decisions and then process the round (no quiz).

You do not need to submit anything to the class DL site. I will be reviewing your work (your company) directly on the CAPSIM website. You are not graded on how well or poorly your company performs: you are graded on the basis of completion and your process of making decisions.

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does anyone know the Capsim webside ??
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You must complete the assignment PRIOR to Friday, March  30th at 5:00 p.m.  Grades will be posted starting at 5:05 p.m. on 3/31/2018

The total CAPSIM Part I assignment is worth a possible 25 points. Make sure you have also completed the on-line version of the Situation Analysis.

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