disscussion replies in your own words

1: In my opinion, financial information is too important to everyone. Financial information is all about decision making. Every business has a finance department, whether it be a small or large company. The finance department creates financial information that is beneficial to decision making. A few examples of why financial information is important: profits, sales, purchases, selling accounts, or purchasing stocks, wages paid to employees, cost of equipment. Updated financial information can help make the right decisions by reducing costs or increase sales, raise profit etc. 

2:In your opinion, how is financial information useful to managers, employees, investors and creditors? Explain.

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disscussion replies in your own words
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3:Financial information is critical and important to managers to keep business operating finances correct and dollars are spent wisely; employees use financial information for various work details, such as ordering parts while ensuring costs comparison; investors see one thing is there a profit and can they expand business; creditors monitor the business debt payment for consistency.  The military unit I work for has multiple large sections that work with each other to provide customers with quality products, however the delicate matter keeping accurate operating cost within allowed budget is a constant challenge. It’s not unusual for average helicopter parts to cost over $100 thousand dollars, this requires managers and supervisors cooperation to insure collaborated efforts in efficient spending costs. 

4:Hi there Anna, You are so right. I learned basics in Excel but nothing like in my last math class. In my last class I had to create pie charts and standard deviation formulas. It is so awesome learning new things. I love how much I learned in Excel. I have always been a little intimidated when using computers especially excel. I guess the more you practice the more comfortable you get. What I have learned here with the OP has truly helped in my current job.

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